Armenian Tea


This complex and “spicy” tea has the aroma of the clove and cinnamon and a pure, fresh flavour. Orient Blend tea is said to create a warm and peaceful social atmosphere and contain the specially roasted wheat, wild oregano, wild time, wild mint, St.JW, cinnamon, clove and elder flowers. The old legend says that the secret of this elixir of longevity passed from generation to generation to make possible all and sundry to enjoy the pleasure of this unique infusion, and fell happy and healthy.
Ingredients: wheat, wild oregano, wild time, wild mint, St.JW, elder flowers, cinnamon and clove.
Directions: Place 2-teaspoon tea per one-cup teapot; add freshly boiling water into teapot and brew for 5 minutes. Strain in to the cup and serve hot or iced, without sugar.
50 gram wild crafted loose tea in cotton bag.

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