Armenian Tea


Originally, Chrysanthemum plant come from China and has a 2000 years story. In Ancient times, the Chrysanthemum imported to Armenia from China as magic flowers. This made it very expensive. A similar plant discovered in Armenia and named “Armenian Chrysanthemum”. This plant, however, does not belong to the Chrysanthemum family, rather is from Dipsacaceae family. The blend is carefully prepared from high quality Armenian Chrysanthemum and carefully selected Wild Mint leaves, based on ancient recipe.
Ingredients: Armenian Chrysanthemum, Wild Mint, Orange Pills.
Directions: Place 2-teaspoon tea per one-cup teapot; add freshly boiling water into teapot and brew for 5 minutes. Strain in to the cup and serve hot or iced, without sugar.
25 gram loose tea in especially treated wood box pack.

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