Armenian Tea


Packaging of Ancient Herbals vintage line and gift tea made from especially selected wood that charily treated by our wood master using the rediscovered ancient technology for keeping the aroma, test and condition of blend bouquet appropriately. Our wooden boxes make available to keep ARMENIANTEA longer then seven years and serve as fresh as in the day of harvest. Each especially treated wooden box contains hand made natural pergament sachets with carefully created flower tea and ornamented with symbol or unique emblem created from precious alchemical GOLDEN SILVER.

For our Boutique tea product line packaging, we used hand made cotton bag with traditional ornaments that make possible our teas to breathe, which keep its quality high, extends shelf trough "lining respiration." Cotton bag packs are finished with stamped logo and nicely fit into the paper box for customer satisfaction.

Our Paper bag packed teas that made for food service and restaurant distribution usually have a 50 -100-gram net weight and provided with tea description, promotional and supporting materials.


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