Armenian Tea

Quality Control

We pay special attention to the quality of the used raw materials, as well as the whole production process. The company closely works with the Armenian Agricultural Academy, Institute of Microbiology of Armenian Academy of Science, Institute of Botany as well as with Armenian Institute of Hygiene and the Laboratory of the Sanitary -Epidemiological Inspection of the Ministry of Health, and carrying out chemical, bacteriological, underground water, soil and plant analysis. We have also established its own laboratory to secure the needed quality of the raw materials and semi-processed products.

We strongly adhere to IFOAM Basic Organic standard, HAM LLC internal Ancient Herbals/ArmenianTea guidline on Good Collection and Production Practice for wild crafted herbals for management and quality control procedure as well as ASTA standards for quality and ISO standard for management quality. Furthermore, the following internal quality control procedures implemented:

  • Analysis of soil - for content of heavy metals and fungi, level of radiation, presence of underground water, etc.,
  • Analysis of irrigation water - bacteriological tests, pH, bacteriologic contents of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers,
  • Analysis of green herbs - microbiological and chemical tests,
  • Analysis of dried herbs - microbiological and chemical tests, fungi and chemical tests,
  • GMO analizes
  • Health control - of all employees engaged in all stages of production,
  • Natural disinfection of production facilities in the beginning of the season using herbal fumigators
  • Natural disinfections of warehouses,
  • Natural disinfections of packaging tools and materials.
  • All employees working with herbs undergo periodic health and sanitary assessments and receive formal certificates-permits to work with the products.

Percentage of caffeine in some teas and coffee
Japanese Tea 0.02
Japanese Green Tea 0.01
Red Tea 0.05
Oolong Tea 0.02
Coffee 0.04
Ancient Herbals Tea 0.00


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