Armenian Tea


harvest1.jpgHarvesting is unique process of wild crafting, where wild herbs are carefully picked with accompany of traditional ancient songs by taking into account moon and sun phases, timing of flower blossoming and plant specifications, according to the instructions derived from ancient Armenian manuscripts. Harvesting and delivery of wild flowers begins in late April and continues until end of August. Depending on the climate conditions, collection season may prolong until late September and early October. All of the collectors trained on the methods, time and technology of harvesting the parts of plants to be collected. All trained wild crafters used to be in a good mood during the harvesting time and complementing collection with traditional songs related to the plant harvest. Flowers first delivered to the collecting points, where they pass initial quality control and brought to the production premises two - three times a week by Quality Control Adviser. Flowers are carefully aerated then washed with rainwater using the special technology to remove dust before goes to the natural dryer.


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