Armenian Tea

Management and Staff

HAM Ltd is family cottage style of business that is managed by Mehrabian family members:

  • Dr. Armen Mehrabian - Founder & Creator
  • Mr. Nerses Badalyan - General Manager 
  • Mr. Rafael Bagdasaryan - Fanatical manager/Accountant
  • Dr.. Cheliuskin Mehrabian - Production Manager 
  • Dr. Seda Kostandian - Quality Control and Warehouse Manager

Armen Mehrabian is the founder and scientific director of the Company. He is a graduate of the Armenian Agricultural Academy as general agronomist. He holds a MD on ethno- agronomy in the Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography of Armenian National Academy of Science and the PhD on Food Technology in Armenian Agriculture Academy. He is a professional ethno-agronomist and has extensive work experience in marketing and sales as well. Armen has exclusive know-how in Ancient Herbal tea blending and is therefore responsible for preparing all of the tea blends. He is also responsible for sales in US, Europe and Russia.

Nerses Badalyan is a brother in love of Armen and has more then 20 years experience on management in construction and engendering. He is the General Manager of HAM ltd.
Seda Kostandyan is a microbiologist and biochemist and has worked as a physician for 25 years. She is the Quality Control Manager of the Company and runs the laboratory and also manages the warehouse.

Chelusikin Mehrabian is a physician with 40 years experience in the medical field. He is the Production manager of the Company. Both Seda and Cheluskin joined the Company after retiring from their practices, and are fully committed to developing and expanding the business.


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