Armenian Tea


HAM was established by Armen Mehrabian in 1996 as a small family business. HAM produces wild crafted herbal teas and spices in strict accordance with rehabilitated, mastered and patented ancient Armenian technologies and recipes. HAM is based in the Mehrabian family's hometown, Alaverdi, Odzun, located about 200 km north east of Yerevan, in high mountains, an area known for its favourable climate and rich fauna. The idea for the company emerged 20 years ago and production began in 1996. The first year was a trial period, when HAM's management experimented and perfected the ancient collection and blending techniques. Since its establishment, HAM has aimed to have a unique position in the Armenian, as well as foreign markets. All herbs used in HAM products are wild crafted and handpicked by local peasants from their native origins. Ancient Herbals tea processed using technological know-how that guarantees no chemicals and pesticides in any of the final products. Currently HAM produces about 15 different herbal teas and tea blends (teas), which are sold under the name "Ancient Herbals" in foreign and local markets. HAM exports the majority of its teas to the USA, EU and going to enlarge the geography of presentation in Russia and Japan.

Trough the years we have the privilege to select exceptional ancient infusion recipes that makes possible to produce specialty flower & petals tea by creating finest ARMENIANTEA ® know to man. This limited production petals tea are hand picked from wild, sun dried and layer graded, soul blended and curiously packed to making pleasure for body and mind.


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