Armenian Tea


For over 7000 years, the tradition of gathering and blending wild herbs and flowers has been an integral part of the daily lives of the Armenian people. By centuries even millennia herbs, plants and flowers, have given much pleasure to people of all the nations, because their pungent smells can bestir mood and fragrances used to made perfumes, foliage used for food and medicines and wonder wild bouquet bring merriment when someone is downhearted.

In keeping with the food community's current interest in specialty food and beverage and original sources of ethnic culinary techniques, healthy, balanced meals, and ecologically pure foods we rediscovered and rehabilitate the production of wild-crafted herbal teas and beverages from their native lands that were used by Armenian Royal Families. These infusions have been used for centuries or even millennia as compliments to the fine dining experience.

The methods of collection, processing, blending and brewing passed from generation to generation to this day. Wherever and whenever there is a social gathering, and flower petals tea is brew to share with family and friends. The blends are ancient, the flavors robust and earthy.

The chosen teas are an integral part of a tasty and healthful diet in the ancient Armenian and represents Royal Armenian food beverage culture. The criteria used in choosing our specialty flower teas are: first and foremost, great flavor; second, finest quality; and third, their ability to stimulate digestion, induce relaxation, and enhance the overall enjoyment of a fine meal.


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