Armenian Tea


Currently HAM LLC produces more than 15 different herbal and flower teas and tea blends, which are sold under the name Ancient Herbals® in foreign and local markets. HAM Ltd.Co exports the majority of its teas to the USA, EU and going to enlarge the geography of presentation in Russia and Japan.

Trough the years we have the privilege to select unique ancient recipes that makes possible to produce specialty flower & petals infusion by creating finest and Armeniantea® know to man. Limited production of vintage and rare flower petals tea are hand picked from wild, naturally drayed, carefully graded, specially blended and curiously packed to making satisfaction to our customers and pleasure for body and mind.

Our new eXclusiviTea® creative tea product line is introducing how nicely ancient wisdom can be complemented in to the modern request and how harmonically lifestyle can be enjoyed.

Presentation Materials

Company Presentation - professionally prepared power point slide show (English, Russian and Italian) presentation makes possible visualize whole process of ARMENIANTEA creation and makes available to introduce the all stages of Plant and Man metamorphoses.

Brewing Manual may help you to prepare quality herbal infusion.
Proper Storekeeping Manual important to have always quality tea in your shelf.
Testing Chat is very important to evaluate the quality and understand the sensory requirements.

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