Armenian Tea

Marketing Support and Presentation

Those unique herbal ingredients came from high mountan wild forest by help of well trained harvesters and made your delicious final cup of tea.

With thanks of the people who put their soul and good willingness we make possible to bringing you the finest taste of nature, exceptional quality and positive energy.

We made HIGH QUALITY that nurture your body and mind and you made DIFFERENCE that upholds the spirit and soul.


Brewing Manual may help you to prepare quality herbal infusion.
Proper Storekeeping Manual important to have always quality tea in your shelf.
Testing Chat is very important to evaluate the quality and understand the sensory requirements.


Tea presentation chest - our wooden box teas chest makes available to introduce the product and provides customers easy access to self- serving.

Displays - our retail displays that are made from especially treated wood are ideal for specialty tea store and very convenient for cafes.

"Ancient Herbals" brochure (English, Armenian and French) - colorfully printed tea description makes possible to introduce customers our teas more closely.

Company Presentation Materials - professionally prepared power point slide show (English, Russian and Italian) presentation makes possible visualize whole process of ARMENIANTEA creation and makes available to introduced the all stages of Plant and Man metamorphoses.

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